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Our driving packages help new or inexperienced drivers earn a driver’s license. Our sessions are built to accommodate the unique requirements of every student, and the lessons will adjust depending on the actual progress demonstrated by the student. Led by our professional and experienced instructors, these sessions deliver safe, confident, informed, and patient drivers to American roads. Students learn the best Defensive Driving education and the requirements to pass the road test administered by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.


Our Packages


6 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Training
3 lessons, each 2 hours long
8 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Training
Use our car for your driving test — including practice session before


You never pay the full amount! You pay as you go. Lessons are normally spaced out over time to give parents an opportunity to practice with their teen to reach the mandatory 50 hr parent/student requirement.

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Behind-the-Wheel Packages

If you have your permit the next step is Behind-the-Wheel training.

Under 18?

If a student is going to be under the age of 18 when they apply for their license, the DMV requires students to complete 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel training.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion of the teen driving course and is to be presented to the DMV when testing for your license.

Over 18?

Adults are not required by the DMV to complete any Behind-the-Wheel training. However, we are experienced in training adults and seniors who are learning to drive for the first time or who just need a little refresher before an upcoming DMV test.

Online Drivers Education

If you are in need of online drivers education to acquire your learners permit click on our link to Your Drivers EdOnline.com. You can get started today on your way to a drivers license!


Our vehicles are equipped with a second brake and a second set of mirrors. All our vehicles are automatic and are maintained regularly. A student will receive one-on-one instruction for the entire 2-hour lesson. Home pick-up/drop off is included in the program cost. Call today to schedule an appointment!