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We have over 60 years of experience providing qualified, affordable driving instruction to North County and the surrounding area.

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testWe’re proud of the thousands of students we’ve taught over the years. We are the #1 provider of driver education services in North County and the surrounding area. Below you can find reviews left by our students on Google. These come directly from our students, and we never asked for them. We’re just happy to hear our students are having such positive experiences and are now safe, confident drivers.


“The price was right and the information I learned prepared me for the permit test.”

Sergey T


“Your teen drivers course was a challenge. Yet it was presented in a simple form. It was great! I liked it a lot!”

Kaitlyn D.


“I was very pleased with the program. It was a great way to learn the material! You can’t beat the convenience of the class. We didn’t have to take Scott anywhere. He was able to complete the program in a short time and passed his test with ease.”

Mrs. Rassatt.


“As a parent of a new driver you are concerned that they will be prepared to complete the requirements of the DMV. The sequenced program seemed to do the trick, it was informative, interesting and had enough spaced repetition that it was easy for a teenager to digest. I have found my son pointing out different traffic situations as we drive that he would have not been aware of before. After completing the course he was adequately prepared to take his exam, where he scored very well.”

Caren L.


“My instructor taught me how to drive! He displayed patience, knowledge and made it easy to understand his directions. I enjoyed the experience!”

Megan M.


I work with a charity that helps kids who have exited foster care learn to drive and to obtain reliable transportation. At first, my thought was that I could teach some of these young adults to drive…so I tried it, and it was not easy, and I realized I am not cut out for this. So I called North County School of Driving and they were willing to help us out…they took my student who had no real experience with driving and in four hours, she had enough behind the wheel experience that she passed her driving test with flying colors! She reported that Mr. Storrs was patient and helped her to really understand what was necessary. I am thankful for his help, and willingness to accommodate her schedule! I highly recommend North County School of Driving!

Stacy D.


Mr. Storrs was such a blessing to have as the instructor for my Daughter He was very professional always on time and very patient. My daughter enjoyed learning everything before her driving test she felt very confident that she would pass and she did. highly recommended Thank You

A U.